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About the organization

During July 2013, Github sponsored a Campus Data Summit, which brought together student leaders from Columbia, Penn, Rutgers, CMU, Duke and Waterloo who had worked on campus data initiatives at their alma maters. Over the course of a weekend, we shared our experiences and explored ways to collaborate between our organizations. was created as a collaboration from the July 2013 summit. The Campus Data Guidebook is a living document that brings together anecdotes and best practices from existing organizations.

Member Organizations

  • University of Waterloo

    Since 2010, the university-run Open Data Initiative has made publicly available. Easily the widest collection of data-sets, uWaterloo provides over 30 datasets, from building locations to a full list of vending machines, to the weather, wireless access points, and even Goose Spotting

  • University of Pennsylvania

    Penn Labs(formerly PennApps Labs), started in 2011, is a collaboration between the Student Government, the Provost and the Computer Science Club whose goal is to create, maintain, and improve student-run technology. APIs available to students thus far include the course registrar, dining, campus directory, campus map, transit, and course reviews.

  • Rutgers University

    Rutgers' Open System Solutions has run since 2011 as a collaboration between the university and current students, making available APIS from university shuttle routes to dining schedules and campus events.

    HackRU, Rutgers' student-run hackathon, helps publicize the API at each event.

  • Carnegie Mellon University

    Scotty Labs, founded in 2011, has created the apis@cmu project and made course scheduling data available to students. TartanHacks, ScottyLabs' hackathon, offered a preview edition of the API prior to wide release in 2013.

  • Columbia University

    ADI, the Application Development Initiative has worked since 2010 to make life easier for makers at Columbia University. hosts a variety of available APIs, from courses to dining options to housing search. They also collaborated with Columbia University IT to establish the Columbia Open Data Service.

  • Duke University

    HackDuke, Duke's student hackathon, made available an initial set of APIs for Duke students. The initial set ranges from courses to campus events to campus buildings and locations.

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